Laptop Warranties- Everything You Need To Know

Laptop Warranties

You’ve just bought a brand new laptop. However, after a few months, the laptop starts experiencing some kind of technical issue or hardware problem. You’re probably going to be relying on the warranty given to you by the company. But did you read everything in detail that was mentioned in the warranty? Are you aware of all the terms and conditions of the warranty agreement?

Well, if not, then you should be. Warranties are a sort of protection that companies provide customers. Warranties provide coverage for a specific period of time. If the buyer encounters any issue related to the hardware and functioning of the device within that time frame, then he/she can ask the company to fix those issues free of charge.

Now, this is the basic idea behind warranties. However, sometimes even the best buy laptop warranty plans can be confusing or misleading to consumers since they are filled with legal jargon. Thus, it is important to understand the terms, conditions, and meaning of the coverage to make the most out of it. 

So, we’ve tried to explain a few complex terms to help you understand your laptop warranties better.


Coverage denotes all those problems that your laptop warranty will cover against. Laptop coverage mainly include issues like hardware problems not created by the buyer. For example, defective keyboards, mouse, or monitors, along with internal components. Coverage also includes parts repair.

The warranty will also state what is not covered. These are damage or loss of any data. Software programs installed by you, damage or breakage caused by the owner. Laptop coverage will also clearly explain how a damaged laptop must be returned, who will pay for the unit, the kind of support and maintenance available, and the time taken for a replacement unit to arrive.


The term refers to the duration of the warranty agreement. Most electronic companies provide a warranty for a year from the date of purchase. 

You can even extend the term of your warranty with the help of extended warranties. Extended warranties continue or add on top of your original warranties, but they also increase the purchase price of our laptop.

Repair and Services

The manufacturer will also state how repairs will be done to the laptop and which parts will be used. Companies can use new, used or refurbished parts if you send your laptop for repair. 

However, a handy tip is that it is always advisable to use new parts if you are sending your relatively new laptop for repair.

This section will also specify where the repairs will be done. They could be done at any of the service centers of the manufacturer.

Top Laptop Brands and Their Warranties

We’ve read about what warranties are and learned about the terms associated with them. Now let’s take a look at some of the top laptop companies and how they provide warranties to customers.


Apple offers basic coverage for all their products. It also enables buyers to directly get assistance regarding warranty from Apple technicians. This saves customers a significant amount of time and money.

Standard Term- 1-year limited warranty; 90 days technical support

Coverage- manufacturing defects

Shipping costs- Apple sends prepaid shipping labels for free, including packaging material


Dell is a computer manufacturer for everyone. The company follows an egalitarian approach for warranties, meaning whether your product is inexpensive or costly, customers will receive the same kind of service.

Standard Term- 1-year limited warranty; 90 days for refurbished items

Coverage- Depends on the product

  • Pcs, Laptops, and Tablets- repair and replacement of manufacturing defects
  • Alienware Laptops and PCs- on-site manufacturing defects
  • Online Service Chat- customer service chat via phone, or chat

Shipping Costs- company bears shipping costs for both sides, or provide packaging on request


Google Pixel has basic warranty coverage.

Standard Term- Depends on the product

  • Pixel Chromebook- 1- year limited warranty in the U.S, and a 2-year limited warranty in most of Europe

Coverage- repair parts and labor services for Pixel

Shipping costs- paid by the consumer


HP offers standard warranty terms for all its products.

Standard Term- 1-year limited warranty

Coverage- repair, replacements, and manufacturing defects

Shipping costs- paid by the company for both sides


Samsung, the Korean giant, has a fairly basic warranty plan

Standard Term- 1-year limited warranty in the U.S

Coverage- repair for manufacturing defects and replacement for parts or the whole system 

Shipping costs- paid by the consumer

Handy Tips for Warranty

Still, you can make use of these handy tips to read and understand your warranty plans in detail.

Review the Warranty before Buying

It is important to read the warranty thoroughly and understand it’s terms clearly. Points you should note are the duration, coverage and shipping costs, if any, in case you have to send the product to the manufacturer.

Check If You Have Extended Coverage

Some companies offer the option of extended coverage as well. You may check to see how much that will cost you in comparison to the standard term. Some credit card companies provide extended coverage if you pay for the laptop by card.

Read the Fine Print

There are some details that you might miss. Customers must read the fine print, stating any exclusions from the warranty. Sometimes, accidental damage may not be covered or the manufacturer may deny claims for coverage if proper instructions have not been followed by the owner.


Warranties can be scary if not understood clearly. Customers should ensure they read the warranty of their laptop properly to avoid any confusion. 

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