Private Yacht Charters – 5 Tips to Find the Right Yacht Rental Near You

Yacht Charter

Maybe you have never tried renting a yacht, maybe you are thinking of buying a watercraft but want to experience the private yacht charter lifestyle – whatever the reason, rental yacht services can fulfill your dream to get your feet wet without putting a burden on your savings. 

Whether you are planning a perfect vacation with friends or a short trip with the family, you can easily hire the services of a yacht charter when you know where to go and what to look for. On the other hand, it becomes a challenging task when you are a beginner to the process. 

If you wish to hire one of the best yacht charters near you, then here are some tips that can help you in the process:

  1. Decide the Number of People

Before you start hunting for the perfect rental vessel for your sailing experience, it is essential to identify how many people are going to be on the watercraft. When you have an answer to the question, you know what size of private yacht charter you should look for. The right yacht charter is the one that houses all of your guests and provides you with plenty of space to enjoy activities onboard it.   

Identifying the number of people can also help figure out whether you are happy with compact living quarters or you require a big vessel for your needs.

  1. Learn the Difference Between Charter Types

In addition to size, there are many factors that differentiate Florida yacht charters from each other. Usually, you have three options: Sailing Yacht charter, Catamaran charter, and Motor Yacht Charter.

  • Sailing Yacht charter: It is an ideal option for you when you wish to experience sailing. In addition, you can go with the option when there are only a few people with you. 
  • Catamaran charter: This option comes in two types: sailing catamaran and power catamaran. Sailing catamarans come with two 2 hulls that offer stability to the vessel. You should consider getting a catamaran charter on rent when you have a large group of people with you.
  • Motor Yacht charter: It is a suitable option when you are planning a vacation with your partner. It is a luxurious option that makes the perfect choice for a day trip. 
  1. Consider the Crew

When you plan to have a private marine yacht charter on rent, you expect it to be loaded with luxuries and a skilled crew. There are many companies that offer the services of yacht service rental, but only a few of them pay attention to train their crew members. Before hiring the services of a company, talk to it about the crew. Hire only when you are satisfied with its services.

  1. Luxury and Amenities

This option can be broken into three categories.

  • Luxury
  • Super Luxury 
  • Unique Experience

If you are looking for a luxury yacht rental in Miami, then look for a vessel under 100 feet that is equipped with luxury facilities and a fully-trained crew. Super-luxury yacht charters are the perfect options when you have plenty of people. They can be up to 150 feet and come with more cabins, decks, and staff than luxury charters. 

On the other hand, go for an advanced option for a unique experience. It includes advanced vessels that come with recreated amenities. 

  1. Price

How much do you intend to pay for rental yacht charter services? Contact multiple companies and learn about their vessels and services before hiring any of them. From size to charter type and amenities, there are many things to consider while paying attention to the prices of their services.                                                                                                   

In the end

Choose a company that offers you rental yacht services that meet your expectations and fit in your budget. All the best!

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