Role of AI in Telecom industry

artificial intelligence in Telecom India

Human beings can perform any task because they are intelligent. Today, man has invented a machine that works like a man. But, a machine should be programmed to perform any task. So, artificial intelligence is a machine that performs the tasks like the human-beings, but should be programmed to do so. An AI can perform any task flawlessly with seamless speed and without feeling exhausted. A man cannot perform work accurately like an AI. So, today, AI is used in every field to perform tasks diligently. The AI in Telecom industry can improve customer service.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Telecom industry

The telecom industries in India today are struggling due to market fluctuations and rivalry with their competitors. So, to become a fierce competitor in the market, they are using advanced devices and technologies. Many industries are using AI to perform services rapidly. Today, the telecom operators are using various AI-driven solutions for performing fast scalable interpretation, analytics services and prediction to reduce costs.

Today the AI is performing several tasks for the telecom industry such as network operations monitoring and management, predictive maintenance services, cyber security fraud mitigation and marketing virtual assistant services. The machines or AI systems should be programmed properly and so they are performing the activities of deep learning, natural language processing and system learning process.

AI system to perform certain advanced tasks

Today, the AI system is also able to perform the complex tasks that are performed by human beings including deep thinking, but they should be systematically programmed. They are providing the customer services that include churn prediction, truck roll, and improved customer viewing. The AI can identify a person because it has a system to store the image and when they encounter the same image, they can identify them and update the status of that customer. It can detect various discrepancies because they are installed with a DoS detection and protection system. They can perform the function of master data management. The AI systems are even programmed to perform the predictive function by using some of its sensory systems. It can report different problems in the system such as battery failure, resilient networks etc. it provides the bad signals to the customers. So, AI in telecom sector is widely used because they can perform the function of thinking also.

They provide different enhanced offerings to the customers such as personalized program recommendations, in-text promotion, and intelligent ad placements.

The telecom service providers today are providing high-quality services and are trying to improve their customer services. They are using the AI device to analyze data to provide actionable insights and want to provide better customer experience and also increase revenue by launching new products and services. The artificial intelligence in Telecom India is providing advanced services to the people in telecom industries.

They are focusing on AI systems in the four areas.

  1. Optimization of Network
  2. Virtual assistants
  3. Preventive maintenance
  4. Robotic process automation

The artificial intelligence in Telecom India even have the CSPs are building the self-optimizing networks to provide the operators the ability to optimize network.  The AI process uses the advanced algorithms to learn the various patterns, process data and use the telcos to predict network anamolies and fix the problem proactively.

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