Top Five Properties to Consider While Buying a Good Quality Firewood

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Spine chilling winters enforces us to sneak inside heavy blankets and sleep as much as we can. This is a season of living in coziness but only if you have adequate arrangements of insulation. There is also a world outside our bed that we forget in the winter season because of the extreme chilling weather. Room heaters and electric water bags are comfortable but nothing can compete with the experience of sitting around the burning woods and enjoying with the family or friends. For making it possible, you need some good quality firewoods that are currently difficult to find. As the winter season starts, hardwood fule becomes scared. Consequently, we end up buying the wrong stock that borns horribly along with a lot of smoke. If you have already experienced this situation in the previous years, don’t repeat the same mistake again. We are mentioning some tips in the following points to help you in finding the right type of firewood. 

Tips to buy great quality firewood

  1. Prefer kiln seasoned stock

Seasoning must be your primary preference while buying firewood for winters. For instant use, the wood you are buying must be properly seasoned so that it catches fire easily. In a firewood store, they will offer you two kinds of firewoods i.e. naturally seasoned and kiln seasoned. Natural seasoning is the traditional way to reduce the moisture level by exposing the logs under sunlight for 2-3 months. On the other hand, kiln seasoning means reducing the moisture from the wood by processing it in a kiln. It is a kind of large oven where woods reduce their water content injust a week or two. Kiln provides an artificial environment to ensure flawless combustion. 

  • Prefer hardwood

From the perspective of burning, we classify wood into two types i.e. hardwood and softwood. As the names are illustrating, the basic difference between them is based on hardness. The fibers of softwood are loosely packed allowing space for air and water content. These woods burn quickly and produce a low-quality flame. On the other hand, the trees of hardwood have tightly packed fibers structure that is dense and has less space for moisture or air. Consequently, it burns with stability, produces a high flame and releases less smoke. 

  • Always check the moisture level

Buying hardwood doesn’t mean that you have cracked the deal. The quality of firewood depends on its moisture level. Ask the seller to bring a moisture meter fr measuring the water content. Randomly select 6-8 logs of wood and ensure that its moisture must not be more than 20-25%. Even the best quality hardwood is not suitable for burning until its moisture level is not low. 

  • Gain information about the wood they are offering

While ordering firewood in Sydney, it is advisable to gain complete information about the trees available in your area. Visit their website to check the types of firewoods they are offering. Search online to make sure that the firewood they are selling is actually available in your area. If not, consider it an unethically sourced or fake product. 

  • Consider the option of eco-firewood 

If you are not able to find good-quality firewood near you, consider the option of eco-firewood. It is an eco-friendly alternative and gradually occupying the global marketplace. Rather than cutting down a tree, eco firewood is made up of byproducts such as sawdust and agricultural waste such as paddy or wheat straws. After processing them mechanically, it attains properties similar to the hard firewood. 

Following these five tips will never fail you in choosing the right firewood in Sydney. Along with these properties, also check the previous record of a seller before finalizing. 

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