growing medical tourism in India

India is growing day by day as the medical hub. This is because the country offers a huge service when it comes to healthcare and that too at a very affordable rate in the entire world.

The major reason behind the growing medical tourism in India is the highly skilled medical professionals and doctors along with cost effective treatments, super specialty hospitals and the inclusion of latest medical technologies. People from all over the world also find it convenient to come here for treatment because this is the largest English speaking nation as well.

When it comes to medical travels, it also has come a long way. Even a few years’ back people used to cross borders in order to get affordable health treatment but at present they have become more attentive about it. Now, when they are ready for a medical travel they try to search places where they can get full package treatment along with good quality doctors and at the same time where communication and traveling is much easier.

People have become global citizens now and they try to get medical treatment from all over the world. But not all countries provide that practice. India is definitely not one of them. Though there are several factors that work behind the growth of medical tourism in a country hut the major one is the quality of the medical care provided by the country.

According to many studies, Indian doctors are praised for their excellence all over the world. Also in other countries as well there are many Indian doctors who are practicing at high and crucial positions. The other major benefit in India is the cost. People coming from other parts of the world can save up to 50 percent if they choose to come to India for the treatment instead of going to any western countries. The same treatment with the same expertise is provided in India in a lesser cost as compared to those countries. When compared to USA the cost of living in India is almost 60 percent less. This becomes a very crucial thing because sometimes because of the treatment procedure one might has to stay in the country for a couple of months and for them and the people accompanying them, renting a place becomes mandatory.

Apart from this, the medical visa for this country has been simplified and people can avail a hassle free journey to stay here and treat their near and dear ones with the best medical facilities. There is also an e medical visa launched by the Union government which has made the process even easier.

When it comes to health and wellness tourism in India apart from the regular and complicated medical treatments this place is also a hub for alternate therapies which a lot of people like to approach. One can also go for Ayurvedic treatment and go for the natural healing process.

As a result given the current situation, India is thriving in the global market when it comes to medical tourism.

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